How To Overcome The Challenges In Planning Events

Lots of people think that planning a party is a piece of cake and gets done automatically. Well to a certain extent, in our initial planning stage, we also thought that there would be no complications. After all, we have been attending parties all these years, haven’t we? Anyways as we started off as a party planner /event management company, it slowly dawned that things needed proper planning by an efficient team in order to achieve a successful party which all the guests enjoyed.

There were actually so many unexpected issues that would pop up out of nowhere and cause a great deal of confusion at the last moment. Oh No, don’t panic! The best part is that in this business, there is always a way out. It just calls for a bit of experience and creativity to sail smoothly amidst all that chaos.

For all those beginners out there, a quick look at some of the most common, yet never thought of problems we had to face initially!

Choosing the right venue
It’s not always the same kind of party.People have celebrations for various reasons. So we had to be prepared to whip up the right combinations of whatever they need. Organising a party with a theme totally unfit for the occasion is the worst thing to do. The tip here is to listen carefully to what your client is talking about. Understand what he needs and what the occasion is.

Considering the size of the venue
This is such a tricky one. Getting a party ready for 50 and then 80 guests arriving is one of our nightmares come true. Always check with the host and confirm the number of guests as well as those likely to appear suddenly. We always prepare a list of items that can be quickly used to cater to the requirements in case there are unexpected members.

Be ready for sudden absence of staff
It will be out of the blue that someone in the staff falls ill or has an emergency. Think of backup plans and have others ready to handle unexpected absences. This is the Mantra we follow to this day!

Another thing we found extremely useful is to have a proper plan in hand. Visiting the venue in advance helps a lot with the arrangements like seating, lights and décor, etc. There should also be provisions to monitor the guests to check if they are all comfortable. Making space for kids to have fun is a factor that contributes hugely to the success of an event. If the kids are kept happy and safe, adults enjoy themselves more.

What we decided was that come what may, challenges would not ruin the function planned. There would be a solution waiting to be discovered by us! We did get inspired by services like, Finger food company, Melbourne and so many others. is another encouraging site that gives guidance and proper directions.
When you observe closely how people manage the situations, the ideas will spring up at the time of your need too! Thoughtful observation and experience will always help organise the best events.

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