Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

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If you are looking for catering service for an upcoming event, you have come to the right place. Plantation Catering has a team of experienced staff who can deliver what you require for any special occasion. We set up shop a little over a decade ago and have been growing steadily ever since then. Initially, we started out by catering for small events. Today we are proud to say that we also offer our customers other services like catering buffets for large events, wedding catering, corporate catering, etc.

Or full-fledged staff includes multi-talented chefs who have experience in different cuisines as well. In case you plan on having a theme for your event, our experienced chefs can help you come up with a menu that is in keeping with the theme. Our pastry chef is also well sought after for her famous wedding cakes. In fact, she has also been featured on several popular wedding websites.

Our catering staff members are strict disciplinarians for hygiene, so you can be rest assured about the quality of the food served at your event. In case you have specific dietary requests, out chefs will be more than happy to come with different recipes to make sure that everyone gets a chance to have delicious food. The fruits and vegetables used by Plantation Catering are from local farms which follow organic methods. The fresh produce brings their own flavor and aroma to the dishes served by Plantation Catering. Call us today to get a quote!